Web/VR/touring immersive media festival, 2017
A revolutionary 360° cinematic experience marking Canada 150.

Mission Asteroid

CBC Doc Zone, 2013
A broadcast documentary about the mission to defend Earth from killer asteroids. The threat is real… so are the heroes that can stop it. CSA Nominee, Best Science or Nature Documentary. Trailer.


CBC documentary, 2012
Shelagh Rogers takes five Canadian authors on a literary adventure above the treeline, to explore the landscapes and stories of the Torngat Mountains. Trailer.

The National Parks Project

13 short films, 2011
The link between landscape and inspiration runs deep in Canadian culture. 52 Canadian musicians and filmmakers collaborate on thirteen short films inspired by Canada’s most spectacular national parks. Includes “Sirmilik,” Genie winner for Best Short Documentary. Trailer.

TV series, Discovery Canada, 2011
The power of nature, the magic of art. Follow teams of noted musicians and filmmakers as they navigate rugged terrain, rough weather and creative challenges to work together to capture the essence of a place. Gemini winner, Best Arts Documentary Series.


Interactive Documentary, 2012
Featuring Joseph Boyden, Rabindranatah Maharahj, Sarah Leavitt, Alissa York and Noah Richler.