“How the Grizzly Came to Hang in the Royal Oak Hotel” on Journey Prize shortlist

September 15, 2016

My story, “How the Grizzly Came to Hang in the Royal Oak Hotel,” has been shortlisted for the 2016 Journey Prize.

The jury (composed of Kate Cayley, Brian Francis and Madeleine Thien) had this to say about the story:

“’How the Grizzly Came to Hang in the Royal Oak Hotel’ by J.R. McConvey is a story about a discharged soldier who has returned from Afghanistan and is tasked to take down a bear that has been brought into a hotel for a film shoot. It’s a story that packs a variety of punches, which the writer manages to deliver in just ten pages. There is tragedy. There is humour. There is cold ambition. There is mourning. There is gain and there is loss. Most significant, there is the story that ripples beneath the words on the page, allowing us to explore it on our own terms. With McConvey, readers are in very good hands.”

Congratulations to Charlie Fiset and Colette Langlois, who also made the shortlist. You can read all of these stories in the Journey Prize Stories 28, which is out now and available at bookstores, and through the online behemoth.