Different Beasts

What does it mean to be both human and monster? These twelve stories consider the beasts we carry with us, invoke in others and fend off in the night.

“This is a brilliant collection. Here is the human understory, a tour through the internal wilderness of soul after troubled soul. As their maker, J.R. McConvey considers each one with a clear, unfailing gaze. More than that, he does so in language that sings.” – Alissa York, author of The Naturalist

Goose Lane Editions
Release date: September 17, 2017

How to Ask

Whether it’s a matter of fun or democracy, consent is at the centre of contemporary digital culture. On Medium in Rough Draft: Media Story and Society
Transmedia Zone, Ryerson University

Can AR make people go outside more?

Technology can alienate us from nature, but maybe it can connect us to it, too. On Medium in Rough Draft: Media Story and Society
Transmedia Zone, Ryerson University

Gentle Into the Metaverse

Essay on the Importance of Physical Setups for Virtual Reality Projects
On Medium in Rough Draft: Media Story and Society
Transmedia Zone at Ryerson University

The Ouroboros

EVENT 46.1, Summer 2017
For the Notes on Writing issue

The Last Ham

House of Anansi Digital Single, 2013
e-book for Kobo, Kindle, web reader
Honorable Mention, Thomas Morton Prize in Literary Excellence

Home Range

(excerpt online)
Malahat Review No. 192, Fall 2015
Winner, Jack Hodgins Founder’s Award
Longlisted for the 2016 Journey Prize

Between the Pickles

Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 8,
October 2015
Second Prize, Bristol Short Story Prize, 2015
Shortlist, Matrix LitPOP Award, 2009

Little Flags

Danforth Review, Fiction #49, January 2014

Five poems

filling Station # 63, Spring 2016

Dubious Feast

Found Poetry Review: W/R/T David Foster Wallace,
September 2013

a clamor in one’s heart

Collection of 30 found poems, Pulitzer Remix, April 2013

Become a Chinese Poet

Paragon IV, 2011